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Pre-Coronavirus Handwashing Investments Pay Off

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Handwashing transparency valued by Millennials

Those foodservice operators who invested in handwash monitoring because of Norovirus concerns now add another, even more topical and contagious virus to their hit-list, Coronavirus. While these pathogens have many technical differences the two viruses share the property of living on hands and surfaces for a day or more.

Coronavirus joins Noro, the Common Cold and the Flu, making viruses the dominant pathogen type driving staff and student absenteeism.

The legal principle of Strict Liability has not yet come into play for Coronavirus as it does regularly in Norovirus legal actions. Time will tell. Fortunately handwashing is a very effective first line of defense for both - provided the staff is actually washing at the frequency agreed with management as safe.

Clients of the 14 St. Louis based Crushed Red restaurants have replaced “hope” that the employees are washing their hands with knowledge that they actually are. “We know” trumps “We hope” from both a customer perspective as well as that of the ownership. Read from an owner's perspective.

Transparency is highly valued by many customer groups with Millennials leading the charge. They are reassured by banners in the service line announcing Crushed Red’s certification by Handwashing For Life and The Clean Hands Company, the supplier of the data gathering/reporting system. This is again reinforced as customers see employees step up to the restroom hand sink and speak their name as they are credited for their actual handwash.

Handwashing has earned its way into Crushed Red’s customer loyalty program, adding an important layer of customer confidence at a time when diner decisions are heavily influenced by added protection from all the viruses, including Coronavirus.

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